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Swan´s Soul Sides - Dance The Philly
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(1996/ace) 26 tracks 1963-64 (2 prev. unissued) with 12 page booklet.

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Various - Swan´s Soul Sides - Dance The Philly
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(ACE) 26 Tracks 1963-64 (2 bisher unveröffentlicht) mit 12-seitigem Booklet.

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Swan Song: Hooded Swan, Book Six , Hörbuch, Dig...
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Having finally escaped from his contract with Titus Charlot, Grainger finds that freedom is not as easy or rewarding as he´d hoped. The Caradoc Company is anxious to take him back into its employ in order to pick his brains-by any means necessary-to extract everything that he knows about his former employer. But Charlot has other plans, and Grainger suddenly finds himself back on the Hooded Swan, leading an expedition into the bizarre Nightingale Nebula to rescue the Swan´s sister ship. But this last voyage proves far costlier than the previous ones, as Grainer risks not only his neck-but his very soul! The stunning conclusion to the Hooded Swan Series. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Zach Herries. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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